Payment Plans

A​​ Pay Plan (PP) allows you to pay your tuition for credit classes in installments. It may be set up in person at the Cashier Office or online through eConnect. You may choose to pay tuition in installments during the Fall and Spring semesters.

The following conditions apply:

  • A nonrefundable, $15 one-time setup charge will be included in your plan installments.
  • When you create a new payment plan, you must make an initial payment of $50.
  • Information about the various payment plans is available on TouchNet
    • To access TouchNet, visit eConnect, select the Credit Students or CE Students Menu and then select TouchNet Payment Center under the Payment and Disbursements heading.
    • ​You may be asked to log in at this point. Use your student email (for example: and password to log in.
  • Tuition for flexible-entry courses may not be paid in installments unless registered for prior to close of business of the Friday of the first week of classes for the term in which the pay plan is initiated.
  • Course credit may be denied if payment in full has not been made by the end of the semester.
  • You must sign a promissory note when you make your first payment in person, or you must accept the terms of the online pay plan agreement.
  • If you drop any courses, the refund (if any) is applied to the balance due.
  • If you drop courses and no refund is due, the balance must still be paid in full.
  • A $10 late charge is applied to a late payment (maximum of $20 per pay plan).

Note: Miniterms (Winter and May Terms) can only be included in pay plans if you also register for regular term (Spring or Fall) courses at the same time.