Seeking Certified Police Officers


With seven campuses and more than sixteen locations, Dallas College has plenty of career opportunities. Our police force includes 155* officers serving a student body of over 60,000– not to mention college faculty and staff.

The team, while large, focuses on the individual needs of each college we serve. Some of our college communities are urban city centers, like El Centro in downtown, while others are international melting pots, including North Lake in Irving and Richland in North Dallas.

Join a Winning Team

If you are looking to do true community policing and enjoy a guaranteed winter and spring break, you’ve come to the right place. These are two of many benefits of becoming a Dallas College police officer.

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Additional benefits include:

  • Diverse assignments
  • Career advancement
  • Regular training and professional development
  • Standard issued uniforms
  • Strong community partnerships (including other municipalities as well as federal partners)
  • Specialized unit assignments (including criminal investigations, personnel and recruiting)
  • Auxiliary assignments (Honor Guard, Defensive Tactic Instructor, Field Training Officer, Bike Patrol Unit and etc.)
  • Presentation opportunities (including teaching and/or presenting timely topics and best practices)
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Ensuring a Safe Environment

Providing front-line public service by:

  • Patrolling Roads, Buildings and Campuses
  • Preventing Crime
  • Protecting Public Safety
  • Assisting Students and Staff
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Engage with Your Community

Are you a people person? Do you enjoy collaboration? Are you community-minded?  We’d love to hear from you!

Our police officers keep an eye out for any suspicious activity on campus, but they also keep an eye out for ways to engage and interact with our students and staff. This personalized approach allows us to form relationships with the community we serve and build trust that benefits all involved.

Melissa Jacobs
Lieutenant Jacobs
Dallas College police has a lot to offer. Working as a campus police officer provides a lot of opportunities to be involved in community outreach. Right now is a great time to join a very progressive police department. The next several years will be both exciting and rewarding!”

Meet Our Family

From fresh talent to seasoned veterans, Dallas College police department is reflective of the community we serve. We strive to maintain a force that is as diverse as our study body with diverse looks, languages, skills and career goals.

There is one thing all Dallas College police share in common: a commitment to service. Dallas College value family, and our community is truly that. Big, but warm, caring and personalized at the core.

“Being essentially embedded with our community, we have the rare opportunity to truly make a positive impact and form friendships that resonate long after someone leaves the college, particularly our students. I feel the tremendous weight of the responsibility of being the one they call for help and, should the worse possible scenario were to occur, I'd be the first person to stop those who wish my community harm.”
Officer Santos
“I really enjoy the opportunity to play a small role in each student's educational progression. Community policing means helping ensure a safe and secure learning environment for our faculty, staff and students. It is a huge benefit to be employed as a Dallas College Police Officer because of the tremendous career growth opportunities available. I can honestly say that the bright future of the department is a direct reflection of our Commissioner and all of our officers' hard work and dedication to becoming one of the best agencies in the state. ”
Officer Powell

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