Dual Credit Accommodations

​​​​If you have a diagnosed disability and are enrolled in Dual Credit courses at Dallas College, you may be eligible for services through the Accessibility Services Office.

All Dual Credit students with a disability requesting accommodations must provide documentation of disability and be found eligible through the Accessibility Services Office.

College accommodations are not decided upon based on services received in the high school. Note that college accommodations may differ from course modifications provided on the high school campus.

Read the steps for requesting services.

The location of the Dual Credit course determines who is responsible for providing academic accommodations authorized by Dallas College. Specific accommodations on the high school campus requiring classroom personnel or technology will be authorized by the Accessibility Services Office and provided by the high school. Accommodations for courses offered on the college campus will be provided by Dallas College.

If you would like to request accommodations in a Dual Credit class, contact the Accessibility Services Office.