Video: Exploring Navigate

Video Transcript:


Hi, it's Catherine! 

We hope you enjoyed our other two videos, "Introducing Navigate" and "How to Access Navigate." This last video is about "Exploring Navigate."

Now, when you login to Navigate for the first time, you'll be asked to complete an intake survey. We really want you to complete the survey, and please be honest about the responses that apply to you. Your answers will help us to customize a better experience for you. We'll be able to provide you more information and resources that are going to help you in your student journey.

After taking the survey, you'll be returned to the homepage. Notice there are two tabs, "Explore" and "Planner." We're going to start with the "Explore" tab. Now as a reminder, this is the web version. When you login to Navigate from your mobile phone app, it's going to look a little different. So just FYI.

Okay, let's get back to exploring Navigate. The first feature is the "To-Dos and Events." The "To-Dos and Events" will be listed by priority. Anything that is time sensitive or needs immediate attention will be listed first. We suggest reviewing these items frequently.

Next is the "Appointments" feature. When in the "Appointments" feature, you can schedule appointments with your advisor. Just click, "Schedule an Appointment" right here, this button, and follow the steps. This feature also allows you to view information about upcoming or past appointments you would have with an advisor.

Next is the "Resources." Here you can find information about all the resources available to you at each campus location. Resources like Tutoring or Career Services. By selecting a specific resource, you can get contact information, physical location, and other important details.

Under the "People" tab in resources is also where you can find your advisor. Now, I don't have information here, but yes, you will have an assigned advisor to help you plan your college journey. You can find that information here. And when you see the advisor listed for you, you can click on their name, find their availability, and schedule an appointment directly with that person in the app.

Next is the "Messages." I don't have anything here, but once you start communicating with your advisor, more information will be here. You can start sending messages to your advisor, the person assigned to you like I mentioned, or even to the faculty with whom you're taking classes. Now, in order to get these messages, you do have to opt in to email notifications to get that message or notification from your advisor or faculty member. So make sure you check this regularly, especially if you start communicating through the app.

Next is the "Holds" feature. The "Holds" feature lets you see and manage any holds in your student account. Once you start finding out what they are, you can also find out how to resolve them. As you're holds are resolved, they'll disappear from this page. Resolving your holds is really helpful because it makes it easier for you to register or do anything else you need to do here at DCCCD.

The next feature is the "Class Schedule." This lets you see the location and time of your classes and your instructors. When you register for classes you'll also see the class information in the "Schedule View." So for example, if you're taking an 8:00 AM class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, it'd be here and you'd see that class listed on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 08:00 AM.

Now finally, is the "Planner." This feature in, is one of the most useful and important features in Navigate. The planner empowers you, the student, to make informed decisions about your program of study. This is an interactive tool that helps you plan your program of study with your advisor each semester. You can take a course and drop it right here and start planning what you're going to take for the future. Super simple, you see?

Now we want you to explore Navigate!  Think about these questions: Do you remember how to find the "To-Dos and Events"? What about connecting with your advisor? and where can you go to make sure you're not going to miss a deadline? And what can the planner help you do?

We hope you're going to be able to find out and use all the different features available to you in Navigate to help support you in your educational journey.

Thanks for watching and don't forget to reach out to your academic advisor for any questions you might have about how Navigate can support you during your time here at DCCCD.

Thanks, and have a great day!