Step 3: Sign In After Enabling MFA

After enabling MFA, setup will be required the first time you sign into your Dallas College Office 365 account on a computer​. Please have your device with the Microsoft Authenticator App to hand to complete these steps. You can also start these remaining steps by visiting​ and logging in with your Dallas College ID.

Note: For best results, Steps 1-5 should be completed on a computer or tablet. Steps 6-10 will be completed on your mobile device. Steps 11-12 will be finished on your computer or tablet.

Step 1:

Start by signing into Dallas college using the and password.

Dallas College MS Office 365 Sign in window: organizational account and password fields, Sign in button

Step 2:

Click “Next.”

More information needed notification with Next, button highlighted.

Step 3:

The following page will populate. Under: “Step 1: How should we contact you?” Select “Mobile App.”

How should we contact you? Drop down menu with Mobile app highlighted for selection

Once “Mobile App,” is selected there are two options:

  • “Receive notifications for Verification,” sends a notification to a device.
  • “Use verification code,” allows verification without having a cellular/ internet connection.
Closeup: How should we contact you? Drop down menu with Mobile app highlighted for selection.

Step 4:

Select a preference for how to use the mobile app.


Step 5:

Click on the: “Set Up,” button.

Option: Receive notifications for Verification, will send a notification to your device. Use verification code, will allow users to verify without having a cellular/ internet connection

Once you select "Set Up," a QR code will appear on your computer screen. This will be used in Step 10 below.

Note: Each QR code is unique to the user so be sure to use the QR code displayed on your computer screen. The image below is only ​a sample QR code.

Pop up screen with QR code, time for your authentication device.

Step 6:

Open the Microsoft Authenticator app on the device.

Microsoft Authenticator app: light blue icon background with white lock and blue character in center.

Step 7:

Click on 3 dots in top right corner and then select “Add Account.”

top right corner of authenticator app, click on 3 dots, select Add Account.

Step 8:

Click on “Work or school account.”

click on Work or school account.

Step 9:

Click on “Work or school account.”

Note: If the designated device does not have a camera use the sign in option.

Click on Scan a QR code

Step 10:

Using the Camera on designated mobile device, hold up to the screen to capture the QR code that was displayed on your computer in Step 5 and wait for confirmation that the scan is complete.

Note: The mobile device identified in “don’t lose access to your account”.

Phone camera view of QR code being scanned.

When the QR code is a success, the following message with follow: “Mobile app has been configured for notifications and verification codes.”


Step 11:

Click: “Next,” in the bottom right corner of the view.

Mobile app has been configured for notifications and verification codes, Click on Next in bottom right corner

Note: The following screen will populate, look at your device to verify.

Approve sign in request notification (directs user to approve on their device.)

Step 12:

Click on: “Approve,” on designated device.

Message on device from Microsoft authenticator approve/ deny access

Access to the Dallas College Office 365 resources is now available.


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