Navigate Student Desktop App Quick Guide: Holds

  1. ​​​​​​Please select Holds under the Explore menu list. Students may view what type of holds are currently active on their account. Selecting an individual hold will reveal additional details about that hold. holds menu

  2. To review the details for the Training Not Met hold, click View Details. ​training not met details

  3. Notice the details a​​bout this hold.
    • Under the hold title Training Not Met, there is a brief description about the hold.
    • Next there is section to show any unpaid charges that must be paid to resolve the hold, if applicable. For this example, no payment is required. Examples of required payments include parking tickets and unpaid tuition charges.
    • Last there is a section to explain how to resolve the hold. For this example, the required training is not yet available for students, therefore there are no explanations on how to resolve the hold. Under the title Training Not Met, a brief paragraph statement. This block does not prevent students from registering for classes, but serves as a reminder to complete the training. The Amount due is $0. The section under the title How to resolve this hold: is blank.

  4. Click Go Back to return to the main Hold page. At the top left corner of the page, click the link Go Back to return to the previous screen.

  5. At the bottom ​of the hold page is ​an option to schedule an academi​c advising appointment to discuss any questions or concerns. Click View DetailsThe last item listed in the Active Holds states Any Questions? Schedule some time to meet with your advisor. To schedule an appointment, click the link in this section View Details.

  6. Notice the student is now brought to the Appointment ​​Scheduling page to schedule an academic advising appointment. Please refer to the Schedule Appointment Tutorial​ for additional information about scheduling appointments. ​​The first page of the Appointment Scheduling page is open, showing the appointment reason prompt.