Testing Center at Brookhaven

​​​Some instructors prefer to have their students take tests at the Testing Center. Students use the testing labs at the center to complete the exam per the instructor's request.

You will need to provide:

  1. Photo identification
  2. Course name, number and section number
  3. Test number or name
  4. Instructor's name
  5. Permission slip, if required by your instructor

Testing Policies

The Brookhaven Testing Center expects its students to follow testing policies and procedures while using the provided services. Please read carefully over the following information to prepare yourself for the day of your exam.

  • The Testing Center doors lock one hour  before closing, at which time the last instructional test for the day will be given.
  • Bring a government-issued or student photo identification. You must have an appropriate ID to take any test. If you do not have a driver's license, you can get a photo ID card from the Texas Department of Public Safety.
  • Electronic devices are not allowed in the Testing Center. If you do not follow this rule, you will not be allowed to use the Testing Center and will be required to leave.
  • No outside books, papers, notes, calculators or other aids are allowed unless specified by your instructor if you are taking an instructional exam. If you have unauthorized materials at your desk, your test will be taken from you and your academic records will immediately be blocked.  Your instructor and division dean will also be notified.
  • Token-operated lockers are available in the Student Services Center to store books and other small personal belongings while you test. Backpacks can be stored in your car. 
  • Children are not allowed in the Testing Center.​ Children cannot be left unattended in the Student Services Center, surrounding buildings or parking lots while you test.