Transfer Planning Guide

​​​​​​​​​​​Key "milestones" are essential to your continued progress. Here is a transfer guide designed for a seamless transfer experience​. This checklist will assist students in developing a timeline for completing a transfer pla​n while utilizing key milestones to ensure a seamless transfer experience. To help you stay on track, refer to the requirements in your university transfer pathway for your intended major.



Identification of Transfer Options | 0-15 Credit Hours Milestones

Develop Transfer Plan | 16-30 Credit Hours Milestones​

  • Research transfer admissions requirements for university and chosen major.
  • Explore financial aid and transfer scholarship options.
  • Confirm deadlines and requirements.
  • Research university campus visits/transfer fair dates.

Update Transfer Plan | 31-45 Credit Hours Milestones

  • Research university deadlines.
    • Transfer admissions
    • Financial aid/transfer scholarships
    • Explore application fees, waivers and/or deposits
  • Visit transfer uni​versities.
    • Tour university in person
    • Virtual tours
  • Attend university transfer fairs.

​Complete Tra​​nsfer Plan | 46-60 Credit Hours Milestones