Accessible Applets, Scripts, Extensions and Plugins

​W​hat Are Applets, Scripts, Extensions and Plugins?

Java applets, scripts, extensions, and plugins are small, web-based applications that add specific features to existing webpages, streaming video, other multimedia, and more.

The Most Common Applications Are:

Why Are They Relevant to Accessibility?

Downloading and installing the required applets, scripts, extensions and plugins will provide users with full access digital content. If users lack the required applications, it may limit their access and/or their opportunity to interact with content.

How Can I Meet This Requirement?

  1. Provide a download link for all required applications. For an example, see the links provided above.
  2. Ensure each applet, script, extension, or plugin is accessible. If one is not, you must provide an alternative means of accessing equivalent content or activity. Contact your Accessibility Services Office for more information.

Using PDF or PowerPoint Presentation Files

Users may need to download additional applications to access the files.

Note: Because people use a wide variety of devices and browsers, you may not be able to anticipate all of the needed applets, scripts, extensions and plug-ins. However, once alerted to issues with the technology, you can add the appropriate links for the benefit of everyone.

Additional Resources