Accessibility Checklist

​​​​This checklist will provide a starting point to help you assess whether your content meets accessibility standards. The links in the descriptions will ta​ke you to a full explanation and tutorial.

Download a copy to use offline (DOCX - 14KB).

Use this checklist to review your online content.
Item and DescriptionYesNoNotes and Revision Plan
1. All images, graphics, tables, etc. have descriptions (alt text).
2. All videos have accurate captions.
3. All audio-only content has a full transcript.
4. Tables are properly formatted so that they can be read easily by a screen reader
5. Headings are used to organize content and make it easy to navigate.
6. Contrasting colors and simple backgrounds are used in all materials. Text and graphics are meaningful when viewed without color.
7. Descriptive hyperlinks are used instead of the URL alone or a hyperlinked “click here.”
8. Links are provided to all applets, scripts and plugins needed to launch various technologies.
9. All documents and presentations (example: Word, Excel, PowerPoints and PDFs) have been tested with an accessibility checker.
10. The accessibility of all tools, content, materials and websites, including those from external sources, has been confirmed.