Policies for Continuing Education

​​​​​​D​allas College Continuing Education offers a variety of personal and professional development courses to fit your learning needs - whether you want to learn a new job skill, enhance your career or just want to have fun. Our instructors are leading industry professionals who bring real world experience and hands on skills into the classroom.

Age Requirements

All Continuing Education (CE) courses are open to individuals 18 years of age or older, unless the course is specifically designed for children, youth, or adults 55 or older and is advertised as such. Dallas College accepts no responsibility for minors on the college premises outside the classes in which they are enrolled.

Books and Supplies

Students will be notified if textbooks or other materials are needed in the course description or at the first class meeting. Students are responsible for the purchase of books and supplies, unless the course description indicates that materials are included in the course fee. Required textbooks are available in Follett College Bookstore. The college bookstore stocks all required textbooks as well as supplies, snacks and souvenirs.

Certificates Offered

Certificates of completion are awarded for courses that meet The Workforce Education Course Manual (WECM) requirements. Specific participation and academic requirements are outlined in the course syllabi.

Changes and Cancellations

Instructors and room assignments are subject to change. Classes may be canceled due to low enrollment, inclement weather, or emergencies. There are two easy ways to access the most current information regarding your meeting room: eCampus and eConnect. Every effort is made to contact you when changes or cancellations occur. It is important to keep your contact information accurate so that you will be contacted in a timely manner.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Students seeking to convert a non-credit (Continuing Education-CEU) course to credit must submit a credit application, complete a Program of Study audit and have completed 12 credit hours or be pursuing a TRUE Pathway. Students will need to contact a Student Success Coach​  to begin the process or to find out more information.

Grants and Financial Aid

Texas Public Education Grants (TPEG) are available to Continuing Education students who qualify. The TPE Grant can be applied to continuing education career or occupational courses such as computer or office occupations training, business courses, language skill courses, etc.

Information about how to apply for financial aid, including the TPEG application, is available on our Financial Aid website. The TPEG application must be submitted 6-8 weeks before the beginning of your class. To allow time for processing, apply early.


Some courses may have prerequisites, especially credit courses that are offered on a non-credit or concurrent basis. Course descriptions include any prerequisite requirements.

Refund Policy

A full (100%) refund will be given if requested prior to the first scheduled meeting day. Your request for a refund must be made during business hours prior to the first day of class to qualify for a 100% refund. A refund of 80% is allowed before the close of business on the day of the second class meeting. No refund is allowed after the second class meeting.

Please allow up to 30 days for refunds to be processed. Requests for refunds are not accepted after the end of the quarter for which the refund is sought. If a CE course is cancelled due to low enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances, every effort is made to contact students before the start of class. If the class is cancelled, the student receives an automatic 100% refund at the time of cancellation. For a refund request, contact ContinuingEd@DallasCollege.edu.

Repeating Courses

A higher tuition rate is charged to students registering for a third or subsequent time for a Credit Workforce Continuing Education course. Developmental Studies and some other courses will not be charged a higher tuition rate. Third attempts include courses taken at any of the Dallas College since the fall 2002 semester. A detailed list of courses that will not be included in the higher tuition rate and a detailed list of cross-listed courses where one course is equivalent to another for this purpose is available on the third-course attempt list.


Requests for an official CEU transcript can be made through eConnect or in-person at the Admissions Office. Transcripts may serve as validation of successful completion of Continuing Education/Workforce Development courses. Please note there is no charge for a CEU transcript.

Tuition Exemptions

Texas resident students age 65 or older may be exempt from payment of all tuition for credit courses up to six hours per semester*. Continuing Education courses are not eligible for this exemption. Please see the Emeritus webpage for more information.

Dallas College employees with tuition waivers will be allowed to register in CE courses after the minimum enrollment has been met and only if the course is still o​​​pen. A maximum of up to $300 per semester is available.

Workforce Education Course Manual (WECM)

The Workforce Education Course Manual is the state inventory of the workforce education courses for public two year colleges. It contains a generic catalog of course descriptions and specifies for each course, a minimum and maximum number of contact hours, number of semester credit hours or continuing education units, and minimum learning outcomes. The purpose of WECM is to provide flexibility in responding to employer needs, promote career advancement, enhance portability of credit and credentials for students, and contribute to the quality and consistency of workforce courses.


*Spring and May-Term, Fall and Winter-Term, or Summer semesters.