Computer Lab

FRI 9AM to 5PM
Closed Saturday & Sunday

The Computer Lab is staffed by personnel knowledgeable in both computer technology and the food service industry. Cindy Bozzelli-Duke and Pat Bullard are El Centro FHSV graduates. They are available during regular lab hours and may be available by appointment. The Computer Lab is the central point of contact for information about more than just Computer Exercises in support of lecture classes.

The Lab is the place to get the latest information on changes on or around campus.

  • Get up-to-date information about scholarships, volunteer opportunities, jobs, contests and competitions.
  • Free Kitchen Math Tutoring available.
  • Free internet and e-mail available. Please be courteous.

​The lab is located in Room C150 and is open Monday thru Thursday from 9AM until 7PM and on Fridays from 9AM until 5PM. Come by and see Cindy and Pat! They will happily assist you!