School of Health Sciences

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Are you interested in the School of Health Sciences?


The School of Health Sciences at Dallas College will encourage you to learn, question assumptions and stand up for the vulnerable.

In addition, as a student in the School of Health Sciences, you will be guided to:

  • follow ethical stand​ards for health care professionals
  • promote a lifetime of fitness, health and wellness
  • use evidence-based practices
  • provide safe, competent care to communities you serve

The School of Health Sciences can prepare you to work in many levels of health care. We offer a wide range of training, from continuing education to credit programs. We also provide pathways to additional degrees, certifications and licenses.​


What I liked best about the program was meeting diverse groups of people and having firsthand experience with all different cultures. It’s been good preparation for all of the people I’m going to work with in the future, plus it’s something I really enjoy.” Read Jay's story.
Photo of Jay Fisher, RT(R)
Jay Fisher, RT(R)
Diagnostic Technician, Parkland Memorial Hospital