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Study Abroad and In-Country Experiences

For the Academic Year 2022-23, Dallas College is pleased to offer the following study abroad experiences for students.


Brookhaven Choral Society to Croatia

Join fellow Dallas College students on this choral adventure in Croatia, Montenegro, and Slovenia. This trip requires some previous course work and a vocal audition for those participating as singers.

Location: Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia
Lead Faculty: Melody Gamblin-Bullock
Trip Dates: June 16-23, 2023
Class Details: MUAZ Continuing Education Option
Additional Course Requirements: Audition required for participating singers


La Meridiana Ceramic School Field Study Course

Join fellow Dallas College students in a ten-day intensive ceramics workshop, set in Certaldo, Italy. Students may need to have obtained some prior experience/credits in ceramics or other related fields. This experience also includes several field trips to various Italian landmarks.

Location: Meridiana, Italy
Lead Faculty: Natalie Macellaio
Trip Dates: June 4-17, 2023
Course Enrollment Requirements: ARTS 2346, ARTS 2347 or ARTS 2311


Civil Rights Trip (In-Country)

Join Dallas College faculty in an opportunity to walk in the steps of the National Civil Rights leaders as we visit museums, memorials, and historic sites, from Birmingham to Selma, AL.

Location: Jackson, Birmingham, Montgomery and Selma
Lead Faculty: Roy Vu and Shanee Moore
Trip Dates: March 23-26, 2023
Class Details: Multiple class enrollment options
Course Enrollment Requirements: Varies


Community College Bootcamps in France

Our society is facing unprecedented environmental and social challenges. How can businesses change practices, engage employees, suppliers, consumers, and their communities to create rapid, effective and sustainable change? Join students from around the globe at Rennes School of Business to answer this question and build your skills to become a sustainable business leader.

Location: Rennes, France
Lead Faculty: TBD. Contact Greg Morris for questions.
Trip Dates: June 18-July 1, 2023


Guidelines for Students Considering International Travel

Am I Eligible to Study Abroad?

If you are enrolled at any campus of Dallas College, you can participate in any study abroad opportunity we offer. Texas residents enrolled in colleges that are members of the North Texas Community College Consortium may enroll in our international courses by paying "in-district" (Dallas County) tuition.

Understanding the Type Study Abroad Program You Are Considering

Not all study abroad programs are the same. Dallas College may promote faculty-led programs and, in other cases, promote 3rd party affiliate programs offered through other agencies. While Dallas College works diligently to vet potential programs, students must be diligent in understanding a program’s potential costs, payment protocols, deadlines for deposits and their forfeiture, and details about nature of the study abroad experience.

Dallas College may provide information on a wide range of study abroad experiences. Each study abroad experience is unique, not only in the proposed destination, but also in program logistics. In some cases, programs may be advertised as part of an Affiliate agreement and all.


Contact Us

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  • Senior Vice Provost
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Diana M. Urrutia, M.A.

  • Associate Vice Provost
  • International Engagement and Global Competitiveness

If you have any questions about study abroad programs, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask!