Study Abroad and In-Country Learning


Studying abroad and in-country provides Dallas College students the opportunity to experience different cultures and develop a global perspective, while building skills such as intercultural competency and adaptability.


A Look at
Our Study Abroad and In-Country Learning Experiences

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Study Abroad Opportunities

We have traveled to Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia for choral projects. We have also had opportunities to discuss social and environmental challenges with students all over the world in France.

In-Country Experiences

​We've walked in the steps of the National Civil Rights leaders as we visited museums, memorials and historic sites, from Birmingham to Selma, Ala.

Studying abroad has been really impactful. It opens your mind to see the world from a different perspective.
Zoe Phillips

Guidelines for Student Travel

Eligibility for Study Abroad

If you are a currently enrolled student in good standing at a Dallas College campus and meet the eligibility requirements, you can participate in any study abroad opportunity we offer. Texas residents enrolled in colleges that are members of the North Texas Community College Consortium (NTCC) may enroll in our international courses by paying "in-district" (Dallas County) tuition.

Want to learn more about study abroad, processes, information sessions and more? Visit the study abroad portal in SharePoint (login required).

Not all study abroad programs are the same. Dallas College may promote faculty-led programs and, in other cases, promote 3rd party affiliate programs offered through other agencies. While Dallas College works diligently to vet potential programs, students must be diligent in understanding a program’s potential costs, payment protocols, deadlines for deposits and their forfeiture, and details about nature of the study abroad experience.

Dallas College may provide information on a wide range of study abroad experiences. Each study abroad experience is unique, not only in the proposed destination, but also in program logistics. In some cases, programs may be advertised as part of an Affiliate agreement and all.

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For study abroad or in-country learning questions, please contact For international engagement/education questions, please contact

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