Special Programs

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Sometimes you need to brush up on your skills, find a flexible way to earn a credential or fill a specific knowledge gap before moving forward with your education.

Dallas College offers the following special programs to set you up for success, whether you're earning your GED or running a small business.

Adult Education and Literacy (WorkReadyU)

WorkReadyU is a free adult education program that will prepare you to succeed in your career or in college. Dallas County residents who are at least 16 years old and who do not have a college degree can enroll year-round and train for in-demand jobs, sharpen their academic skills and improve their English.

Alternative Credit Project

If you've taken some online college courses since 2015 but not yet earned a certificate or degree, you may be able to receive credit for those courses at Dallas College. Learn more about which online courses have been approved for transfer credit by the American Council on Education.

Common Book

Each year at Dallas College, students, faculty and staff come together to read a selected book through the Common Book program. Conversations and activities related to the book's themes build a sense of community across each campus.

English Language and Writing Classes

Whether you need to improve your basic English skills or take a composition course to prepare to transfer to a four-year school, the campuses of Dallas College offer a variety of options to help you achieve your goals.

Fast Track, Competency-Based Education

Competency-based education allows students to progress at their own pace, receiving credit for skills they've already mastered while also earning additional credit for learning new skills. Dallas College's Supervisor and Retail Management certificates utilize a competency-based education model.

Free Training

Dallas College provides free, grant-funded training to small business owners and employees to enhance their businesses' operations. Topics include negotiation, marketing and employee management, as well as computer networking, project management and web design.

GED Training

If you attended high school but never graduated, GED (General Educational Development) training can prepare you to take the GED test, which can show employers you're invested in learning and can help you further your education.

Prior Learning Assessment Workshop

Dallas College’s Prior Learning Workshop helps you earn college credit for knowledge you’ve gained on the job. If you have work experience in business administration, you can earn your associate degree faster by using your professional skills to get closer to graduation.

Senior Adult Programs (Emeritus)

To meet demand for lifelong learning, our Emeritus/Senior Adult Programs provide affordable, quality learning activities, instruction and volunteer opportunities to stimulate you intellectually and physically and help you stay socially connected.

Texas Reskilling & Upskilling through Education (TRUE) Pathways

The Texas Reskilling & Upskilling through Education (TRUE) initiative is a program that trains students for in-demand careers accelerating their transition to work while also building an enduring education infrastructure to support a thriving Texas economy.