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Welcome Summer Retirees!

We want to welcome those retirees who join the Dallas Retiree Association during the summer months of June-August. Traditionally, the summer newsletter is only sent via mail to paid members. If a retiree joins the Retiree Association and becomes a paid member during any of the summer months, we will send a printed copy of summer newsletter to that member's home. Our hope is that you will join the Retiree Association and get familiarized with some of the fun activities and events that we enjoy!



Here we keep all of our retirees abreast of changes and updates through the newsletter that is published twice per year.


There are many Dallas College events that are open to more than just students. Community members and retirees are welcome to attend events listed here.

You can stay up to speed with the latest news and announcements from t​he ever-evolving Dallas College by reviewing the updates below.

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