Retiree Newsletter - Spring 2022


From the Association President – Lisa Theriot

Lisa Theriot 

Welcome to 2022…I think?

Well, here we are at the beginning of the third year of the COVID Pandemic. It’s hard to know if we should really welcome a new year, but here goes! I know none of us expected in March 2020 that we would be beginning 2022 in this same state. The good news is that we are starting to get out more despite the Omicron variant, and we know so much more about COVID than we did in 2020.

The Retiree Association was able to hold its Holiday Luncheon and elections in December. It was great to see so many friends and colleagues and to spend a little time sharing a meal and reminiscing. I’m looking forward to the Spring Luncheon on March 31st. Please look for the reservation form in this publication. Available seating will be limited due to social distancing, so send your reservation in soon. I hope to see you there!

I want to share a special thank you to Susan Turner (incoming Vice-President), Diane Graifemberg (incoming Treasurer), and Tammy Cooper (incoming Secretary) for stepping up with me and running for office this year. It’s a big-time commitment from each officer and I am glad to have such talented people serving the Dallas College Retiree Association for the next two years.

Continuing to serve on the Executive Board are Glenda Easter, RET Express Newsletter Editor, and Rodger Bennett, Immediate Past President. Continuing to help day-to-day in various capacities are Dottie Clark, and Georgia Francis, who are all past board presidents. I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention our hardworking Event Coordinators, Donna Strain (Theater), Don Baynham (History), Rosie Steffen (Special Events/Luncheons), and Bob Chambers (Museums). We really hope that we get to plan more events this year. A big thank you as well to Karen Laljiani (outgoing Vice President) and Delryn Fleming (outgoing Treasurer) for their commitment and service to our association.

Although the reorganization of Dallas College has been difficult, we are told that the major restructuring has ended. We welcome all of the new retirees who chose to retire recently and hope you will join us in the Association. Rodger and I met in early January with Justin Lonon, Chancellor Elect. Justin said that, as Chancellor, he wants to remain very involved with the Retiree Association and to meet with our leadership on a monthly basis. I will be seeking ways for new connections between the College and the Association members, requesting help to create a new RA Facebook page to keep us better connected, and asking for better support and recognition for their long service to the College as employees transition to retirement. If you have other ideas for programs or services for retirees, I would be happy to talk with you. You can find my phone number and email address under the Leadership Group listing in this newsletter.

As the weather improves this spring, we hope to plan a few more outside or small group events. I know Rosie Steffen is planning to hold Derby Day on May 7th at Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie which is always fun! You’ll also see in this issue that Don Baynham has a tour scheduled for March 11th to the Plano Heritage Farmstead Museum.

Bob Chambers is planning another trip to the Arboretum for Dallas Blooms this spring.

As I write this message for the newsletter, the COVID numbers continue to rise. I pray that all of you are staying as safe as possible and that someday soon, we can return to a more normal life style. In the meantime, get out those seed catalogs and start looking forward again to spring and the renewal of growth and new life…and tomatoes from your garden!

Post Script

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Rodger Bennett for the wonderful job he did the last two years as the Dallas College Retiree Association President. He served in a very difficult time. Not only was there a pandemic raging, but the DCCCD was reorganized into Dallas College. On top of everything else, the College caused us to change many of the processes and procedures of the Association. He led the Association with strong communication among both the Retiree Association Board and with the College leadership and staff. If you have occasion to see Rodger, or if you just want to drop him a line, please thank him for his service to the organization.

Good job Rodger!

Dr. Justin Lonon, Chancellor-Elect

Justin London 

Let me begin by wishing you all a happy new year and an abundant and fulfilling 2022. As many of you may be aware through our social media channels and local news coverage, Dallas College began our Spring 2022 semester fully in person. Given the ongoing COVID-19 challenges, this was not a decision we made lightly. For nearly two years we have had to balance providing the best experience we can with employees with keeping people healthy and safe. Our students need what our campuses offer, so we have continued to meet the changing safety protocols to achieve this delicate balance.

It remains a period of transition at Dallas College and that includes the leadership as I move to assume the role of chancellor in March. Current Chancellor Joe May will step down and serve as Chancellor Emeritus until his official retirement in August 2022.

Dr. May’s Retirement

Dr. May began his career right here at Cedar Valley in 1978 and since that time he has had a long and storied career in Virginia, Colorado, Louisiana and Texas.

During his tenure here, he brought about significant change both within Dallas College and the surrounding region that made college accessible to thousands of students throughout the D-FW metroplex and beyond. His many accomplishments include successfully leading the effort to approve a $1.1 billion bond, which was achieved with a 72% approval rate. He strengthened relationships with ISDs across the city to expand the early college high school and P-TECH programs, providing college access to D-FW students regardless of academic achievement or family income level.

During my 16 years at Dallas College, I’ve had the opportunity to work with three different chancellors. I have had the opportunity to learn a great deal from each one of them, including Chancellor May.

We all wish him the best as he joins your ranks to become a retiree of Dallas College.

Elections Coming Up

Don’t forget to vote in the upcoming elections on Saturday, May 7, 2022. But before you do, know who represents you on the Dallas College Board of Trustees. On Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2021, the Board of Trustees approved the redistricting of the college’s single-member trustee districts, establishing new trustee district boundary lines for trustee elections based on 2020 census data released on Aug. 12, 2021.

Dallas College board policy requires that trustee district boundaries be reviewed every 10 years immediately after the release of the federal government’s decennial census data.

When census data indicates substantive changes or shifts in population have occurred since the previous census, the Board of Trustees reconfigures the district boundaries to ensure that each trustee district represents approximately the same number of constituents.

For more information on the upcoming elections or redistricting, visit the Dallas College Board of Trustees website.

Wednesday, Feb. 23, 4 p.m., The Nation’s Current Climate on Race Relations and Equity.

Join the online event through this link.

In Closing

Thank you for your continued interest and commitment to Dallas College and those we serve. I look forward to sharing more exciting updates in the months to come. Thank you for your consistent support of Dallas College.

Justin London 
Retiree Engagement

We have all learned to operate differently during the pandemic and all the good and bad that remote engagement allows. I look forward to continued efforts for retirees to engage with activities here at your college.

We increasingly hold virtual community and student events that I hope you will join.

For instance, Ilyasah Shabazz, daughter of Malcolm X, professor and author, will join us as she addresses the nation’s current climate on race relations and equity. Read more about this inspiring speaker and advocate on our website.

Parting Comments from RA Past-President, Rodger Bennett

It’s hard to believe that two years have gone by since I became the president of the Dallas College Retiree Association. What a two years it has been! While 2020 started with some normalcy, it quickly dissolved into everyone worried about COVID on top of significant District changes. 2021 didn’t bring much relief, but at least we seemed to be better informed on COVID and the evolution of a single-college system. However, I am sure there are plenty of folks that are more than happy to see last year in the rear-view mirror.

Clearly, these circumstances challenged the DC Retiree Association, yet, at every turn, the DC Retiree Association Board and Leadership Team confronted and met each challenge with grit and poise. I was so lucky to have a team that was always willing to step up and dive in. They kept the best interest of all retirees in the forefront, and they helped re-design how the RA will operate in this ever-changing environment. And the good news is, the new and continuing Board and RA Leadership Team members really know the District/Dallas College. Fear not (👍🏻), they will continue to champion all DC retiree issues and be reliable resources for information and support.

It has been my honor to work with such an esteemed group of colleagues and, at the same time, represent all the Dallas College retirees. Stay safe

-Rodger Bennett

Arboretum Visit for April 7, 2022

Bob Chambers, Museum Events Coordinator

Pink Cherry Blossoms 

When our group met at the Arboretum last October, there was a general feeling that we should meet there again for the Spring Blooms event. I have arranged for us to do so on April 7, about 10:00 a.m. The event this year has the title “Dallas Blooms: Birds in Paradise.” It will include four larger-than-life peacock topiaries and will showcase “an explosion of color from 100 varieties of spring bulbs, 500,000 spring-blooming blossoms, thousands of azaleas and hundreds of Japanese cherry trees.”

Pre-purchased tickets are still required, and the price for seniors is $14; the price for groups of 15 or more has gone up to $13, so I think it will be easier if we all make our own reservations for admission and parking. There has been another change of protocol, however, and this one is great: they are now taking reservations at the DeGolyer Restaurant! Some of you will remember that we couldn’t get in last time because a very large group got there ahead of us. This time, if you would be willing to call me asap and let me know you can come, so that I know how many we will be, then I will make a reservation for us. (The DeGolyer has a much nicer menu, and we can still eat outside!)

As for parking, the charge is $15 on arrival or $10 if you pay ahead online. The main parking lot is at the main entrance; if that lot is full there is a parking garage across the street at 8720 Garland Road with a secure underground walkway leading under the street to the garden. The Arboretum opens at 9, so if we arrive about 10 there should still be plenty of parking in the main lot.

The Dallas Arboretum is located at 8525 Garland Road, Dallas 75218. The phone number is 214-515-6615; web address is I hope to see many of you on April 7! My cell phone number is 469-271-2684; call and let me know you are planning to come—or if you have any questions. My home email is As always, your comments and suggestions are encouraged. Best wishes to all!

New Facebook Group!


Norm Howden and Joe David have started a new Facebook group for the Retiree Association.

Check us out and like our page to stay up to date on all of our activities!


Theater Events

Donna Strain, Theater Events Coordinator


I thought I would have theater options for us in the spring but with the delta variant raging in Texas we are again going to postpone any theater outings for the near future. I never knew how much I enjoyed all of our retiree events until we could not have them this past year and a half. Please stay safe and as soon as it is possible, we will start scheduling theater events. If you are not on my email list, contact me at and I will add you to the database.

Welcome to Retirement


Jacquie Bradley. Retired ECC December, 2021

It was the perfect time for my Disability Retirement this year, and to avoid cabin fever and brain atrophy, I have some pretty ambitious plans. First, I’ll continue to volunteer for the American Red Cross in both Disaster Services and Service to the Armed Forces. I’ve been doing this a few years, and it is very rewarding. My cycling team is planning an e-bike tour of coastal Wales in September. I plan to continue teaching one to two face-to-face classes (Grammar Brush-up and Short Fiction) for SMU’s CAPE program, and this semester I’m also teaching one online English course for Oklahoma City Community College.

Why Oklahoma? My friend Ron and I spent the last year tearing out and then rebuilding the old bunk house on my niece’s horse and cattle ranch near Lake Murray, Oklahoma. We tore it down to the studs and created a spa-feeling retirement retreat for me. I had originally planned to move back to Washington state, but I couldn’t resist this opportunity to commune with the animals.

I’m hoping for a happy and healthy retirement.

Welcome to Retirement

Maruja Perez-Michael, Retired ECC, December 2021

Hi everyone,

I am Angela M. Perez-Michael and I often go by my middle name Maruja. Regardless of the name you know me by, one thing is for sure: I am newly retired and very happy about it! My last official day as a Math teacher for El Centro College (now called El Centro Campus) was December 31, 2021. I did love almost every minute of my teaching career, but it was time to close this chapter of my life.

My friends and colleagues often ask me “So what are you going to do with all that free time?” Well, I know I will get up every morning knowing that I will not have to grade papers! That said, I plan to pursue the different interests I have had throughout the years. I will continue reading, riding my bicycle, and working on my oil painting skills. I plan to go back to rowing and tai chi, two activities that I truly loved and that were interrupted by the pandemic. I plan to make my yard beautiful again after the terrible ice storm last year. I am working on becoming fluent in French and just bought all five levels of a language program! I will travel as much as I can during these challenging times. I have already attended one Retiree activity and look forward to being involved in many more. Finally, I plan to pick up at least one social cause and to be active in my local public school.

That’s all for now! Truly excited to be retired!

Painting with a Twist

Lisa Theriot is planning a Painting with a Twist event at the studio in the Tom Thumb shopping center at 819 West Arapaho in Richardson. If you are interested, please let Lisa know: The cost will be $35 and everything you need will be supplied. It will likely be late March or early April and definitely during the day. We will select a date and a painting based on interest. If you have questions, please call Lisa at 214-537-4294.

Tax Time


In late January 2022, will send 1099-R forms to those who have received one or more payments from TRS during calendar year 2021.

The 1099-R is an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) form that the recipient uses to report To the IRS any distributions paid by TRS during the prior calendar year. If you are not a U.S. citizen or resident alien of the U.S., TRS will provide you with and report your payment(s) to the IRS on a 1042-S form instead of on a 1099-R form.

From the time the 1099-R and 1042-S forms are distributed in January until April 15, TRS receives numerous requests for duplicate copies. Due to confidentiality requirements, TRS cannot provide the information over the phone or by fax. The duplicate copies must be mailed.

However, if you wish, there is a way you can access 1099-R information any time you want it – online! If you are a retiree or a beneficiary of a deceased member receiving a monthly benefit and have registered for MyTRS, you can view and print an electronic copy of your 1099-R form. At this time, 1042-S forms are not available online.

Please refer to the 1099-R and 1042-S information and FAQ on the TRS website for additional information.

Dallas College Retiree Association Endowed Scholarship

Our retiree association awards a $1,000 scholarship to a deserving student each spring semester. Twenty-five percent of your dues goes into this scholarship fund, and retirees often give additional money to the fund. The members of the selection committee for Spring 2022 semester were retirees Ed Garcia, Mary Osentowski, Lisa Theriot, and Georgia Francis, chair.

A few years ago the College started using a computer program to determine who the scholarship recipient will be. A committee of retirees set up the criteria for the scholarship and a rubric for how each criteria would be evaluated by all of the committee members. For a spring scholarship there is one week in early December that each committee member evaluates each application. The computer program then adds up the scores to determine who received the most points and will receive the scholarship. Because our scholarship requires that the student be enrolled in 12 hours the semester for which the scholarship is awarded, we do not receive information about the student until after the certification date in case the student drops a class to take him/her below 12 credit hours, in which case the scholarship goes to the student with the second highest number of points if that student is taking 12 hours.

Retiree paid members will be introduced to the recipient in the summer newsletter; the student’s picture and essay required as part of the application will be in the Fall newsletter.

If you would like to learn who has received the scholarship since 2008 and read the essays of the past two recipients, go to the scholarship page.

Discount Purchase Program

Employees and retirees in the Texas Employees Group Benefits Program (GBP) and their immediate families are eligible to participate in the Discount Purchase ProgramSM. Administered by Beneplace, this online marketplace offers discounts on products and services ranging from computers and theme park passes, to wireless service and education programs.

To access discounts, register on the Discount Purchase Program website using your work or personal email. (A small number of discounts are available to active employees only, and you must register with a current work email to redeem.)

Once you’ve registered, log in to the site with your email address and password. Browse hundreds of discounts from local and national merchants and service providers. Search for a specific item or view discounts by category and filter results. Follow the link for each discount to redeem the offer. Check the site frequently—new offers are added often.

Spring Luncheon and Meeting


Tuesday, March 31, 2022
Check-in and Chat
11:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Luncheon and Meeting
11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

El Centro Dining Hall, C100
Reservation Deadline: Friday, March 4.
Fill out the reservation form.

Enjoy a gourmet lunch of Florida cuisine prepared and served by the students in the award-winning culinary program at El Centro Campus. We don’t know the menu yet as that is determined by the students after the semester starts, but it will be a delicious three course meal! And this is a good opportunity to be on a campus and see students again.

Limit one guest per retiree.
Cost: $17 per person (Includes a $2 “tip” for a scholarship for students in the classes preparing and serving the meal. Students cannot accept tips.)

If you have a dietary restriction, please write it in the space provided on the registration form.

Parking and Transportation: You can take the red, orange, blue, or green DART line to the West End Station. El Centro College is one block south. (Schedule and fare information: or 214-979-1111.) There is parking for a fee around the college.

The college has a security officer stationed at all entrance doors to check identities. The easiest thing is to wear a retiree/employee badge. If you don’t have one, the officers will have a list of those attending the luncheon so you won’t have to sign in and present ID.

Covid Protocol: The Dallas College website indicates that all persons entering a Dallas Campus location must wear a mask.

We are limited to 65 attendees this spring; that is why we are limiting each retiree to one guest. Please get your reservation in early!

Kentucky Derby Day at Lone Star Park


Saturday, May 7, 2022

Reservation Deadline: Friday, April 15, 2022
Fill out the reservation form.

Universal indoor masking is required
Location: Lone Star Park,1000 Lone Star Park, Grand Prairie, Texas 75050, East Trackside enclosed patio.

Gates open at 12:00; buffet service begins at 1:00 p.m. after the national anthem, the first race at 1:35 p.m.

Cost: $60 per person, includes parking, entrance, program, lunch, and the races.

The buffet luncheon will include braised short ribs in red wine demi glaze, rosemary grilled chicken with citrus cream, garlic mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables, garden salad, warm rolls and butter, Chef’s selection of cakes, house-baked cookies and chocolate brownies; water, iced tea, coffee.

Guests are welcome!

A cash bar and wagering booths are inside the Dash for the Cash patio area.

Valet parking is available for $15; preferred parking is available for $5. (If you have a handicapped hangtag/license plate, call it to the attention of the attendant; handicapped parking is free.) If you have questions, call Rosie at 972-699-9649. Your ticket(s) will be mailed to you. Reservation form is at the end of this newsletter.

Ladies: wear your finest bonnets!

Dallas College RA Spring Tour


Don Baynham, Historical Tours Events Coordinator

March 11, 2022
Cost: $10 museum admission per person

Step back into the 1890’s and visit the Farrell-Wilson home, the Young house, a one-room school house, farm animals, and more. The Spring tour will be of the Plano Heritage Farmstead Museum. Located in the heart of Plano, it’s the premier North Texas museum interpreting farm life and agricultural history.

We’ll have lunch at Desperados Mexican Restaurant in Garland (at 11:30, on your own). The museum is less than 6 miles from the restaurant; our guided tour will begin around 1:00 pm.

Those interested in going, please email Don Baynham.

Dallas College Retiree Association New Officers (2021-2023)

President: Lisa Theriot
Lisa Theriot was born and raised in central Illinois. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree from Illinois State University, and an M.A. in Counseling from Amber University. She began her career with Dallas College In 1989, managing one of the first Welfare-to-Work grants for the Bill J. Priest Institute. She transferred the following year to El Centro College and worked as an administrator in Workforce Education and Resource Development, eventually becoming the Executive Dean of Communications, Mathematics, Developmental Studies, and Teacher Preparation Division.

In retirement, Lisa became active in politics, becoming a Volunteer Deputy Registrar, a Precinct Chair, and an Election Judge. She is the Stewardship Chair for her church, serves on the City of Mesquite’s Quality of Life Corporation Board, and has been Secretary of the Dallas College Retiree Association for more than two years.

Vice President: Susan Turner
Susan Turner, a native New Yorker, moved to Texas in 1979 with her husband, Dan, and their two children. She is a proud graduate of Cedar Valley (A.A.A.S), the University of Texas at Arlington (B.S.) and the University of North Texas (M.S.). After graduating from CVC, she began her 25-year career at Dallas College, which began as a part-time peer tutor and concluded as an Executive Dean at El Centro. During her career, Susan worked at Cedar Valley, North Lake, Brookhaven and El Centro, with many Association members who were her trusted mentors and colleagues.

After retirement in 2009, she joined the Retiree Association and has actively participated in its activities. She served as editor of the Association’s newsletter for seven years during which she was a member of the Association’s Executive Board and Leadership Group. She volunteers at the Rita and Truett Smith Library in Wylie, and with various charitable and fraternal organizations. Her interests include international travel, cooking, baking, and needlecrafts.

Secretary: Tammy Cooper
Tammy Cooper retired from the District in August of 2015, following 28 years of service in the Marketing, Public Relations, and Executive Vice Chancellor areas. In retirement she has devoted much time to volunteer activities, including Duncanville’s Citizens on Patrol program (through the Duncanville Police Department), attending city-sponsored programs on city governance and local issues, and volunteering in a variety of city offices.

Prior to COVID-19, she worked during tax season as a certified H&R Block Tax Preparer, and during the epidemic, took up baking, quilting, and making face masks.

Treasurer: Diane Graifemberg 
Diane Graifemberg began her Dallas College career at Brookhaven College in 1990, as Administrative Assistant to the President. In 2000, she assumed the same role for the President of Richland College. She also served as office manager in the ACCESS Center (adjunct faculty office) from 2010 until retirement in September 2016. Diane served as President of the Professional Support Staff Associations at both Brookhaven and Richland, and eventually as District PSSA President. While at Richland, she was honored PSS Employee of the Year. In 2017, she returned to work in the Human Resources office at El Centro, retiring for good in 2019.

Her retirement activities include traveling, quilting, lunch with friends, reading, helping with church women’s projects, and volunteering at the Farmers Branch Police Department.

Retirees Association Executive Board

To contact the Retiree Association Executive Board, visit the Contact Us page for a list of leadership information.

COVID-19 Vaccines Are Free, but Hospital Stays are Not


Your health and well-being are why health plans offer coverage for certain vaccinations for people of all ages. While we all know shots are no fun, they are a critical part in preventing diseases and keeping you and your family healthy. Covid vaccines are important in protecting you and your family from Covid. The vaccine is the best way to protect yourself from a severe case of COVID-19 and hospitalization.

Remember: COVID-19 vaccinations are free! To find the nearest vaccination location and make an appointment.

Free At-Home COVID Test Kit


Every home in the U.S. is eligible to order 4 free at-⁠home COVID-⁠19 tests. The tests are completely free. Orders will usually ship in 7-12 days.

Order your tests now so you have them when you need them. Order Free At-Home Tests. If you need a COVID-19 test now, please see other testing resources in your area.

Approved Bylaws

Visit the official Retiree Association Bylaws page to view the recently approved bylaws.

Check Your ERS Member Home Page

Login to your ERS account to verify important information.

  • Ensure that all of your personal information is correct.
  • Check the name of the person will be paid from your retirement account and life insurance policy upon your death.
  • Check your retirement account balance summary, your retirement estimate, and your statement of retirement benefits.
  • Power of Attorney Information

ERS Beneficiaries

You want to ensure that your beneficiaries are correctly noted on your account. To add, change, or delete beneficiaries who will be paid your retirement account and life insurance policy upon your death, you must be officially note these names under your personal ERS member page.

Optional Add-On Benefits for Retireess

Retirees can select additional benefits, such as dental and vision, at an added cost.

Dental Insurance

Retirees may choose one:

Vision Coverage

Optional Life Insurance

Discount Purchase Program

Name your beneficiaries

Although the sign-up period has ended, you need to be thinking about these benefits before the next enrollment period.

Retiree Association Membership Roster

Contact Diane Graifemberg at or call Diane at 972-816-0546 if you have questions about your membership status.

  • Adams, Margaret
  • Anderson, Eva
  • Andrews, Janice
  • Ballance, Donnine
  • Bartley, David
  • Beaver, Nancy
  • Bedarte, Delfina
  • Bell, Michael
  • Blackburn, Joanett
  • Blaydes, Bart
  • Bond, Earlene
  • Boriskie, Rebecca
  • Boshart, Carolyn
  • Bradley, Jacquie
  • Brock, Sheila
  • Brown, Betty
  • Burkel-Powell, Leslie
  • Butler, Helen
  • Canham, Ray
  • Cantrell, Chris
  • Carroll, Joan
  • Cheatum, Dennis
  • Chin, Tina
  • Chumbley, Rich
  • Ciminelli, Mary
  • Clapper, Howard
  • Cobo-Frenkel, Adriana
  • Cook, Kathleen
  • Currier, Glenn
  • Daily, Tonya
  • Davidson, Millie
  • Dogger, Barbara
  • Drury, Dianna
  • Edwards, Lynda
  • Faris, Nancy
  • Field, Barbara
  • Fowler, Bill
  • Francis, Georgia
  • Francis, Jerry
  • Fulbright, Alice
  • Fuller, Betty
  • Garcia, Ed
  • Gardner-Morales, Elaine
  • Garza, Michael
  • Gauntlett, Claire
  • Goff, Larry
  • Gonnet, Katherine
  • Goodson, Claudia
  • Gowans, Regina
  • Graifemberg, Diane
  • Groves, Linda
  • Grubbs, Sharon
  • Hayes, Virginia
  • Hayes, Wesley
  • Haynes, Vera
  • Herring, Gus
  • Hilmer, Rose Marie
  • Hilmer, Thomas
  • Holland, Jo
  • Howard, Helen
  • Howard, Ora
  • Hueston, Bob
  • Hutchison, Debbie
  • Jacobson, Mary Kay
  • James, Robert
  • Jenkins, Jamie
  • Jessup, Sherry
  • Johnson, Maylene
  • Jones, Pat
  • Kaczka, Shirley
  • Keenan, Doug
  • Keller, Ida
  • Kleen, Linda
  • Lambert, Judy
  • Larsen, Len
  • Lefler, Maria
  • Leigh, Doris
  • Lewis, Rita
  • Lichten, Sue
  • Lindsey, Paul
  • Lineberry, Bill
  • Little, Peggy
  • Little, Veda
  • Longacre, Scott
  • Maness, Marie
  • Martin, Willadean
  • Martinez, Ivan
  • McCarthy, Paul
  • McMullan, Judy
  • McNeill, Earldene
  • Mendiola, Marti
  • Mendoza, Norma
  • Mogollon, Sandra
  • Morin, Traci
  • Mosby, Larry
  • Motley, Thomas
  • Neeley-Plog, Bette
  • Nieman, Bobby
  • Noblin, Linda
  • Oliver, Gwendolyn
  • Ollie, Daisy
  • Parks, Sue
  • Pecina, Tony
  • Perez, Cathy
  • Peterson, Jackie
  • Peterson, Jane
  • Pierce, Jack
  • Pollock, Guy
  • Pope, Rose
  • Rager, Ernest
  • Rhodes, Frances
  • Roach, Cheryl
  • Roberts, Nancy
  • Rodgers, Peggy
  • Rogerson, Jan
  • Rolling, Lincoln
  • Rose, Theresa
  • Rubalcava, Janie
  • Schroeder, Anne
  • Shores, Isabela
  • Slonecker, Bill
  • Slonecker, Kathy
  • Smith, Dianna
  • Stacy, Marilyn
  • Stevenson, Brenda
  • Timberlake, Martha
  • Tunnell, Charlotte
  • Venza, Stephanie
  • Waddle, Laura
  • Wagoner, Sharron
  • Walker, Jo
  • Walsh, Thomas
  • Washington, Joan
  • Weiner, Joel
  • Wells, Jr. George (Bill)
  • White, Jim
  • Wickersham, Charles
  • Williams, Jerome
  • Wimbish, Jennifer
  • Wimbish, Linda
  • Witherspoon, Becky
  • Woelfle, Shirley
  • Wong, Joe
  • Wood, Hugh
  • Ziegler, Marla

Please welcome our new retirees who retired September 2021 through December 2021. We know you’ve looked forward to the day where you didn’t have to get up early to go to work. Relax, you can now sleep as late as you want, take all those exciting trips that you’ve planned, and simply enjoy the good life of retirement. Our retiree association welcome you to retirement, and hope you will join our organization.

  • Jackson, Edna - DO
  • Johnson, Ann - EFC
  • Lowery, Evelyn - MVC
  • Lynch, Cary - DO
  • Minnis, Rosalinda - ECC
  • Perez-Michael, Angela - ECC
  • Standifer, Patricia - MVC
  • Su, Henry - NLC
  • Topper, Matson - BHC
  • Torres, Luz Elena - DO
  • Varghese, Finney - MVC
  • Ward, Linda - NLC
  • Washington, Carolyn - ECC
  • Welcome, Brenda - DO
  • Bishop, Dawn - BHC
  • Bradley, Jacqueline - ECC
  • Branks, Scott - RLC
  • Cicione, Gwyn - MVC
  • Clark, Ron - RLC
  • Clower, Randy - MVC
  • Crenshaw, Donna - BHC
  • Cuevas, Sandra - ECC
  • Dowdling, Maria - CVC
  • Ford, Margaret - ECC
  • Gowans, Regina - ECC
  • Hawkins, Giles - DO
  • Hayes, Delois - MVC
  • Henderson, Antionette - CVC
  • Hernandez, Maria - ECC
  • Zabojnik, Linda - EFC

Do you have any news or events you would like to share with fellow colleagues? If so, please send an article and pictures, if available and the article can go in the next edition of RET EXPRESS. Any articles and/or pictures may be sent to Glenda Easter at The deadline for submission is Friday, May 6, 2022. Also, many retirees did not know the DC had given them a new email address: If you need help getting this set up, please refer to the Retiree Webpage where directions are provided.

Be the Change You Want to See in Your Life

In January, many of us feel determined to improve ourselves. We create vision boards, buy gym memberships, sign up for meal delivery services, participate in juice cleanses, detox diets and decluttering programs. Unfortunately, most of us are unable to maintain the change we desire unless we put systems in place to keep us moving in that direction. In his bestselling book, Atomic Habits, author James Clear writes, “You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”

Goals vs. Systems - “Your goal is your desired outcome. Your system is the collection of daily habits that will get you there,” according to Clear.

Consider this example. You are frustrated by the fact that your desk (or computer desktop) is extremely messy and set a goal to establish an organized work space. After spending an hour clearing the clutter, you feel great about the result of your efforts! Now, without a system in place for staying organized, your desk will be right back to where it was. Setting aside five minutes at the end of every workday to organize your space is a system for keeping you organized for the rest of your life. This system might include habits like putting files away in folders, straightening the items that belong on your desk, and taking your water glass or coffee mug to the kitchen. Over time, this system has helped you become who you want to be…an organized person!

Identity-Based Habits - How we identify ourselves determines much of our behavior. Continuing with the same example, how do you view yourself in terms of organization and tidiness? If you view yourself as an organized person, you will be (or already are) more likely to build the systems to illustrate this in your everyday life. If you don’t view yourself as an organized person but aspire to be one, ask yourself, “What would an organized person do right now?”

The same idea applies to behaviors that affect our health. Embracing small changes in identity can play a major role in helping us to build our systems, habit by habit, for long term success.

Colleagues We Will Miss…


We have recently learned of the passing of the following retirees. These individuals, our friends and colleagues, are remembered for their impact on our lives, the lives of our students, and our institution. We express our sympathy to their families and friends.

  • ☙ Carolyn B. Kirkham, a retiree from Brookhaven College, died on January 7, 2012.
  • ☙ Maggie McClendon, a retiree from Richland College, died on July, 5, 2020.
  • ☙ Audine Johnson, a retiree from Richland College, died July, 29, 2020
  • ☙ Leslie H. Jones, a retiree from Eastfield College, died on August 7, 2020.
  • ☙ Johnnie Clark, a retiree from El Centro College, died August 24, 2020.
  • ☙ Essie Eisner, a retiree from El Centro College, died on August 30, 2020.
  • ☙ Helene Pulley, a retiree from Brookhaven College, died on November 12, 2020.
  • ☙ Peggy Palmer, a retiree from Richland College, died December, 20, 2020.
  • ☙ Sharon Fassino, a retiree from Northlake College, died on January 5, 2021.
  • ☙ Barbara Naugher, a retiree from Brookhaven College, died January 17, 2021.
  • ☙ Helen Noble, a retiree from Richland College, died on May 12, 2021.
  • ☙ Gloria Marek, a retiree from Richland College, died on June, 6, 2021.
  • ☙ Marsha Alexander, a retiree from LeCroy Center, died on July, 11, 2021.
  • ☙ Jimmie Farmer, a retiree from District Service Center, died on August 11, 2021.
  • ☙ Robert McArthur, a retiree from the District Service Center, died on August 21, 2021.
  • ☙ Robert “Bob” Ironside, a retiree from Northlake College, died on November September 6, 2021.
  • ☙ Sandra Zeringue, a retiree from District Office, died on September 29, 2021.
  • ☙ Steve Mittelstet, a retiree from Richland College, died on October 6, 2021.
  • ☙ Walt Beene, a retiree from Cedar Valley, and husband of Lou Beene, died on October 10, 2021.
  • ☙ Fran Pearce, a retiree from Eastfield College, died on October 11, 2021.
  • ☙ Patricia Roberts, a retiree from Northlake College, died on October 17, 2021.
  • ☙ Walter “Lee” Fleming, a retiree from El Centro College, died October 31, 2021.
  • ☙ Roger Davis, a retiree from Richland College, and husband of Jeanne Davis, a retiree from Northlake College, died on December 9, 2021.
  • ☙ Janice “Sue” St. John, a retiree from Mountain View College and Brookhaven College, died on December 10, 2021.
  • ☙ Benja Allen, a retiree from El Centro College, died on December 14, 2021.
  • ☙ Edna Mae White, a retiree from Cedar Valley, died on December 25, 2021.
  • ☙ Mary Hileman Savage, a retiree from Richland College, died on December 27, 2021.
  • ☙ Jane Roberts Wood, a retiree from Brookhaven College, died January 19, 2022.
  • ☙ Wesley (Wes) Hayes, a retiree from Richland College, died January 23, 2022.

Sympathy is extended to retirees at the passing of family members:

  • ☙ Jim Milles, husband of Mary ‘Katie’ Millis, a retiree from District Office, died on August 13, 2021.
  • ☙ Eula Mae Kemp, mother of Tammy Cooper, a retiree from District Office, died on October 4, 2021.
  • ☙ John Black, brother of Rosie Steffen, a retiree from El Centro College, died on November 25, 2021.
  • ☙ Karen Baynham, daughter of Don Baynham, a retiree from Eastfield College, died on January 6, 2022.

If you are aware of the death of a retiree, please contact any member of the Leadership Team

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