Graduation Journey 2: Ready Room (Video)

Video Transcript

You are a key player and making sure your graduation ceremony is a success. So we've created a series of videos to walk you through the process. Feel free to watch our Arriving to Graduation video. If you haven't already.

By now, you should have made it through security. You're dressed to walk the stage and cool, comfortable clothing, flat sold shoes and your cap and gown. You do not have to bring anything to check into, graduate. At the check-in table, you will receive your Dallas College graduation stole.

You will also receive your name card. Please don't lose it as this is how your name will be read as you walk across the stage. Your name card will help you find your processional line. Have it ready to show your processional volunteer?

In the reading room. There'll be a photo booth for you to gather with your friends and mirrors for any last touch-ups needed. Listen for the DJ. He's going to announce when it's time to line up.

For more information, watch the next video or visit our graduation website.

Prepare for Your Graduation Journey