Graduation Journey 3: The Ceremony (Video)

Video Transcript

You are a key player in making sure your graduation ceremony is a success. So we've created a series of videos to walk you through the process. Feel free to watch our Arriving to Graduation and Ready Room videos if you haven't already.

Your name card is critical. You are going to hand it to the name reader to say your name as you walk across the stage. So make sure you don't lose it.

When the DJ says it's time to line up to go into the auditorium, have your name card ready to show your precessional volunteer. Volunteers would direct you to the hallway when you walk in. You will then follow a volunteer out into the auditorium to begin the ceremony.

During the ceremony, a volunteer will tell you when it's your turn to line up to walk the stage. Take your name card. You may not return to your original seat. So please take all your belongings with you when you walk the stage.

After you've completed your graduation walk, you will pause to take your official graduation portrait. Please do not stop at the photo station to wait for anyone. If you wish to take photos with your friends, please use the ready room areas before the ceremony.

Enjoy the ceremony.

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