Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about pictograph authentication setup.

The cellphone is only needed for the verification code when signing into your account at the very beginning of the setup. Please view Part 1 for the setup steps. After you successfully add your high school email address in your Dallas College account, all authentication codes will be sent to your high school email address.

Your initial username is your Dallas College student ID (for example: You can reset your password by going directly to the following link: (then skip to enter new password).

Please view the comprehensive guide.

  1. Please check to see if you already have an email address in your account.
  2. If the existing email address in your account is your current high school email address, you are good to go.
  3. If it is not your current high school email address, please delete it, and then the option of “Email” under “Add sign-in method” will appear. Now you can input your current high school email address.
  4. screenshot of Security Info screen with method of contact menu.

No. After you convert to RapidID Pictograph Authentication, your MS Multifactor Authentication will be disabled.

Yes. You have a different Dallas College login ID after converting to RapidID Pictograph Authentication. Your new login ID is your Dallas College student ID + (for example:

After you submit the Account Convert Form, you receive a “Welcome to Dallas College, RapidID, and your New Login ID” email. The email notifies you that it will take the system approximately one and a half (1.5) hours for these changes to take effect. “Forgot Password?” will appear after that period of time, and then you can continue to set up.

Students are encouraged to create a unique password with RapidID Pictograph Authentication. After successfully setting it up, the new login ID (for example: and the RapidID password are now your single sign-on to the Dallas College systems, including eCampus, Virtual Desktop and your Dallas College email account.

No. This new login ID (for example: is used for login only.

The best way to access your Dallas College email account and all Dallas College resources is at (please bookmark it). RapidID login page (please bookmark it) will take you directly to as well.

You can see your official Dallas College email address on the top right corner at

screenshot of my dallas college blue header

Here is the Forgot/Reset Your Password Guide to reset your RapidID password.

First, you can temporarily log in using “Try another method” to receive a verification code via your high school email account. Then please call Dual Credit Student Technical Support at 972-669-6555 (7 a.m.-7 p.m.), or click “Need Help?” on the RapidID login page to send a message to the support team.

screenshot of login screen with try another method circled in red