Cashier's Office FAQs

We only provide change as part of an actual transaction with the cashier’s office. We cannot exchange larger bills for smaller ones, example exchanging a $10 bill for 10 $1 bills.

Not at this time.

Submit request to the email box

No. Student’s residency must be changed in the Admissions’ Office.

No. Students must contact the Financial Aid Office for any financial aid related matters or questions.

Sponsored billing or third-party sponsorship is when a company or organization agrees to pay for a portion or all of a students tuition. Students can contact Sponsored Billing at for any issues or questions. The cashiers are able to accept the voucher if the student is registered and we have the student phone number; we will then forward to Sponsored Billing directly. Learn more about sponsored billing.

No. Students need to set it up themselves online.

Yes. Students can email to request that the cashiers delete a scheduled payment.

No, we cannot. Late fees are initially explained on the payment plan agreement when enrolling in a payment plan.

Yes. Students can also view their registration summary and agreement through eConnect.

No. Students must set up the preferred eRefund method to receive their refund. Direct deposit is strongly encouraged.

No. We are unable to provide cash refunds of any kind. All cash or check payment refunds must be processed through eRefunds.


You need to contact program advisors to discuss removing your block.

No. If the class has not started yet (and is not full) you can re-register directly on eConnect or with the advising department. If the class has started, you’ll have to go through the reinstatement process with the admissions department.

Via TouchNet.

No. We cannot drop you from your courses. To drop a course, you can either do so directly on eConnect or with an advisor. Be sure to review the drop policy in detail.

No. Making a partial payment will result in the risk of being dropped. You will have to either pay your tuition in full or set up a payment plan.

No. Installment dates are generated. They are the same for all students across the board, depending on the time period of the payment plan enrollment.

No. All installments will be subject to a $10 late fee if not paid in full by the due date on the initial payment plan enrollment.

Please ensure that you review the payment due dates at the time of payment plan enrollment. We do send out courtesy reminders via email to the email listed in eConnect. Please ensure that you always keep your email address current.

No, we don’t have any tuition discounts. We have several programs available across the campus such as financial aid, VA assistance, senior waivers, etc. But those will all need to go outside of our department to be processed.

The cashiers will be unable to assist you with applying for financial aid. All inquiries will need to go through the Financial Aid Office directly. They can be reached at

No, TSI tests are non-refundable. Students will need to verify with their success coach that the test is needed prior to making a payment.

No refunds are issued for any test if the score is unsatisfactory.

No, payment plan setup fees are non-refundable.

No, please contact Financial Aid for scholarship related questions. Visit the Financial Aid website for hours and contact information, including online help sessions.

If direct deposit is not setup, the system will default to mailing a paper check. Disbursement checks will be mailed to your local address if you are not enrolled in direct deposit. Please keep your address current by visiting admissions on campus or email to ensure your check is mailed to the correct address.

After refunds have been disbursed, students can check eRefunds for a status on their refund.

For any questions about to which address a check was mailed, or to which account a direct deposit was made, students can contact the Cashier’s office at 214-860-2274 or email

If a direct deposit was made to an incorrect account, students should call Heartland ECSI (844-700-0134) and ask for a correction to their account number. This must be done within 30 days.

If a check was mailed to an incorrect address, or if a student has not received a check after ten days, students should contact their campus cashier's office. A void and reissue of the check can be processed 14 days after the original refund date. A third party, non-refundable expedite fee of $20 will be charged for each void and reissue. This fee cannot be waived.

No, we cannot. This fee is charged by a third party and is an expedite fee. If the student does not want to pay the non-refundable expedite fee of $20, then the student can wait for the refund money to be returned to the college once it is routed through the postal system and returned undeliverable. Upon receiving the refund, the void and reissue can be requested free of charge.

Please be sure to use Google Chrome as your primary web browser and access Incognito mode by selecting "CTRL+SHIFT+N" for a much smoother user experience. Once on incognito mode, proceed to eConnect and locate the TouchNet payment center. The site will prompt you to sign in using your username and password. Your credentials are as follows:

Username: e[your seven digit student ID number]
Password: same as eConect password