DART Student Pass

You work hard for your money. Keep it.

At Dallas College, we ask you to think beyond your means, not live beyond them. That’s why all qualified students can now ride DART for free.


Introducing the DART Student Pass

DART GoPass® is your key to the city.

Heading to a class at one of the Dallas College campuses? How about an event downtown? Or maybe you’re catching a flight at DFW?

Get there with DART! Simply show your Student Pass using DART’s GoPass app, and your trip is absolutely free. All your DART adventures will also be environmentally friendly. Fewer drivers on the roads means cleaner air for our city. Now that’s real value.

All campuses are accessible by DART, whether you take the train, ride the bus or use DART's on-demand GoLink service to pick you up.


Download the DART GoPass App

Download on the Apple App StoreAndroid App on Google Play

Eligibility Requirements

To participate in the GoPass program you must be:

  1. A credit student enrolled in six or more credit hours (for the Fall or Spring semesters) and three or more credit hours (for Summer semester)
  2. A continuing education student enrolled in 96 or more contact hours (for the Fall or Spring semesters) and 48 or more contact hours (for Summer semester).

How to Get Your Student Pass

  1. Be sure you have paid your tuition by direct payment, through financial aid or by setting up a payment plan.
  2. Get your Student ID badge on campus.
  3. Fill out the GoPass request form
  4. Download the GoPass app on your phone. It is free from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  5. Open the GoPass app and register your phone number. In the GoPass app, you'll select “More” then “Your Profile” and follow the instructions to enter your information.
    • Once your eligibility is verified, your Student GoPass will appear in your GoPass app under “Wallet.” This means your request form has been processed. Request forms are processed every Monday and Thursday.
    • If you apply for your GoPass during the semester/term, your GoPass generally shows up in 2-5 business days. If you apply for your GoPass before your classes begin, your GoPass typically shows up about one week prior to the class start date. If you do not own a smart phone, physical DART GoPass "decal" stickers are issued after Certification Date (which falls on the 12th class day during the Spring, Summer and Fall semester).
    • As long as you qualify for a DART Student GoPass your pass will renew automatically with each new semester. You only need to apply once.

Dallas College students can use their Student Pass to ride GoLink, DART’s on-demand service.

Using a variety of vehicles and providers, GoLink provides curb-to-curb, door-to-door service within a designated zone — all on your schedule.

Your ride comes to you!

Students who already have a DART GoPass can use the GoLink service for free! DART offers two convenient ways to book a trip: Either with the GoPass app, or by calling 214-515-7272.

DART offers 30 GoLink zones. Book an on-demand trip with GoLink and head to work or class, run an errand or get a ride to DART bus stops and train stations.

Reservations are accepted seven days a week, 5 a.m. - midnight. For more information on GoLink zones and hours of operation, visit the DART.org/GoLink.

The DART GoLink is large and seats many people  

Paratransit Options

Eligible Dallas College students can also use DART Paratransit Services, an origin-to-destination, curb-to-curb, public transportation service for people with disabilities. This service provides transportation for riders who are unable to use DART's fixed route buses or trains.

You can start your application process online.

The DART website offers information on these services, including A Guide to Paratransit Services.

For more information on arranging paratransit services, please contact the Accessibility Services Office at your campus.