Graduation Ceremony

Dallas College holds an annual commencement ceremony at the end of the spring semester to honor the previous fall’s graduates and spring and summer potential graduates.


Submitting a graduation application is not the same as confirming your participation in the annual graduation ceremony. You must submit a graduation application even if you do not plan to participate in the annual commencement ceremony.

Commencement is only ceremonial and does not confer the right of a degree upon a student. Students must complete all remaining requirements before a degree or certificate is awarded.

Participation in commencement is optional.

Students eligible to attend the graduation ceremonies will receive an email in late March with additional information. If you have questions, please email


Graduation means that your academic record shows that you have completed all the requirements for your program. The graduation ceremony is a celebration of your accomplishment. Graduation and the graduation ceremony are separate but related events – participation in the ceremony does not necessarily mean that you have graduated.

Please check your Dallas College email regularly, as it will be the main method of communication about your application status and the graduation ceremony. Dallas College social media accounts will also periodically post information about the graduation ceremony, and if you choose to attend the ceremony, you can also receive information and reminders via text message.

Yes, please contact International Student Services:

View more FAQs on the Graduation Ceremony Event website.