Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

​​​​​​​As​ the world moves more and more into th​​e digital realm, the need to keep our information secure is vital.

Using a password alone can leave your information vulnerable to hacking, placing your personal information, academic records and financial records at risk.

That’s why Dallas College is requiring multi-fact​​or authentica​​tion (also known as MFA or two-factor authentication) on all accounts.

Graphic illustrating how a password and an additional factor of identification via your phone, provides secure access to your online accounts 

Confirming Your Identity

With multi-factor authentication, a user’s identity is confirmed in multiple ways to ensure your information stays safe.

It may be helpful to think of multi-factor authentication like meeting a new friend. Let’s say you meet a new person online, and you decide to get together “in real life” for coffee.

You agree to meet at a specific coffee shop at a set time, and then you tell each other what you’re wearing to make sure you recognize each other.

Multi-factor authentication works similarly. You confirm your identity with something you know and something you have with you:

  1. Your password
  2. Your smartphone

Why it Matters

It’s easy to think that as a student, you may not have any information worth protecting. But your personal information alone can be very valuable to a hacker.

Your academic and financial aid information can be even more valuable when hackers target your financial aid, your work study information or even emergency aid.

Students have ​become victims of hacks or phishing attacks which use a student’s information to redirect federal aid refunds or other payments. Keeping your student account safe can prevent you from being a victim of theft as well.


Get Started

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​If students have not enrolled in multi-factor authentication previously, they will be taken to the setup screen when they log in to any Dallas College system like eCampus or Self-Service.


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If you run into any issues with setting up the multi-factor authentication feature, please:


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