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Your Passwords Have Received an Upgrade

A new policy for non-expiring passwords went into effect Aug. 17, 2018.

Current Issues With eCampus/Blackboard: Some students and faculty are reporting issues with Single Sign-On Errors. To resolve the issue, please clear your browser cache and history and log out of Blackboard at the end of each session and before closing your browser tab or window.
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Know Your Dallas College Username

For Students

This will be your Dallas College account (for example

For Employees

This will be your 3x4 account (for example,

  • Use eConnect to retrieve your Dallas College Username
  • Do You Know Your Old Password?

    If you have forgotten your Online Services password, and have not enrolled in the Self Service Password Reset tool, please use the Forgot/Reset My Password link in eConnect.

    If you have enrolled in the Self Service Password Reset tool, you will still be able to access the tool via the eConnect menu or directly at

    a screenshot from eConnect, showing Forgot/Reset My Password under the My eConnect Account header

    Reset Your Password

    Users are now able to change and reset their passwords directly through Microsoft.

    Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) Enrollment User Guide

    Complex Passwords That Last Forever

    By increasing the complexity of your password, it remains secure and longer-lasting. As part of the new password policy, all users must reset their password with the new complexity rules.

    Under the new policy, your password must be at least 12 characters in length and contain three of the following components:

    • an uppercase letter between A-Z
    • a lowercase letter between a-z
    • a number between 0-9
    • at least one of the following special characters
      ,    .     `     ~     !     #     $     %     *     (     )     |

    Note: Common phrases, spaces and other special characters are not supported.

    Create your new complex password here:

    Change My Password User Guide

    Did you forget your password and need to reset it?

    Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) Resetting Password User Guide

    Single Sign-On Services Expanded

    The district is implementing additional single sign-on services for students.

    Once implemented, eCampus (Blackboard) will join Outlook, OneDrive, myPortal, eConnect and other district services in using the same user ID and password — your Dallas College Username.

    Attention eCampus Users

    It is recommended that you do not use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge browsers for eCampus.

    Additional Security for Employees

    Employees will also be required to use multi-factor authentication — when logging in to anything that uses your Dallas College Username and Microsoft login services — and while off-campus or using the Dallas College Guest Wi-Fi.

    Employees will be able to choose their second authentication method, either a push notification from a mobile app or a code received by text message or phone call.

    Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Enrollment User Guide

    Do you need to set up your personal devices for work email?

    Watch a Video Guide to Setup Your Device

    Have additional questions?

    If you have any questions or problems, please contact the Help Desk