Academic Testing at Dallas College

Academic testing is for students who are currently taking a credit class and need to take an exam issued by their instructor.

Steps for Instructors:


Direct your students to register for an exam date/time via the Student Request Form.

Steps for Students:


Schedule your exam date/time via the Student Request Form and indicate your test location.
(See Locations, Contacts and Hours below.)


Review the following Academic Testing Center Guidelines and Procedures below.


Arrive and check-in at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled testing time.


A testing center staff will guide you to a seat at a computer or desk, depending on your exam type.
(If applicable, staff will provide you with scratch paper.)


Take Your Exam and Best of Luck!

Academic Testing Center Guidelines and Procedures

  • Important: Students must present a government or student issued identification at the time of testing.
  • Students are permitted to bring a pencil, eraser, and scantron (if required)
  • Personal electronic devices are not permitted in the testing area (calculator, laptops, iPad, etc.) unless explicitly requested by the instructor’s directions.
  • Personal belongings are not permitted in the testing area (bookbags, purses, cell phones, etc.). Some testing centers may have free lockers for storage of your personal belongings.
  • Only battery-operated, four-function, nonprogrammable scientific or TI83/TI 84 calculators are allowed (if permitted by instructor).
  • Only the student is permitted in the testing area. Non-students, including children are not permitted in the testing center.
  • Computers in the testing center are only for testing purposes. Utilizing the internet or other applications during the exam is considered academic dishonesty.
  • Review the Student Code of Conduct for Academic Dishonesty matters.
  • Testing Centers are monitored by staff and closed-circuit cameras. Testing Center staff have the right to suspend any testing due to potential academic dishonesty.
  • The last exam may be started no longer than ONE HOUR before closing. All examinations must cease fifteen (15) minutes prior to closing when staff will collect all materials.
  • Students are not permitted to leave the testing centers with any testing materials, including but not limited to, scratch paper, charts, answers, or test questions.

Classroom and Makeup Testing

If your instructor requires you to complete an exam in the Testing Center, be sure to have the following information when you request your test.

  • Instructor's name
  • Subject and course number (example: HIST 1301)
  • Exam number (first, second, third, etc.)
  • Exam deadline (Get this information from your instructor. The testing staff cannot "look up" this information on computers.)
  • Scantron answer sheet (If required)

Locations and Contacts

  View our hours of operation on the Learning Commons website.

Email Academic Testing


Special Needs Guidelines

The Testing Center operates in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act. All testing for special needs will be done only after the student has gone through the Accessibility Services Office

Weekends appointments thru use AskATutor found online at LibCal - Dallas College