World Languages


Why Learn a Language?​

By learning another language, you will expand your social and cultural horizons, boost your intelligence, and make yourself more marketable in today’s globalized economy.

We offer beginning and intermediate courses in American Sign Language, Arabic, Ch​inese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, an​d Spanish.

For classes currently being offe​red, see the Credit Class Schedule. You can browse by subject or by prefix.   If you'd like to take a college-level language class but do not need college credit, you can take it “concurrently", for non-credit.  A concurrent section may already exist on the Continuing Education (CE) schedule.  Please contact a CE Success Coach if you have any questions.


Taking world language classes at Dallas College is an affordable way to get started on a path to a brighter future​​.

Open up career opportunities, enhance cross-cultural connections or just give your brain a boost. Study: