About Our Calendar

​​One Calendar. Seven Campuses. Always Something To Do.

Wonder what’s going on this week?

Check the Dallas College Calendar for a listing of events across our campuses, including guest speakers, job fairs, gallery exhibits, free entertainment and more.


The calendar makes it easy for you to search. In addition to exploring calendar events by location or date, you can search by keyword or category. It’s also easy to search on multiple devices. The calendar automatically adapts to fit your screen — mobile, tablet or desktop.


Tell your friends about upcoming events with the click of a button. The Dallas College Calendar allows you to share events via social media, blogs, email and RSS feeds. You can even click "Remind" to set an event reminder so you don’t forget an important calendar item like priority registration.


Want to sync calendar events to your own personal calendar? Calendar subscriptions let you stay up-to-date on everything from your team schedule to national holidays and music performances.

Simply specify what calendar events you’d like to sync by using the Dallas College ​Calendar search menu. When the search results come up for your specified events, click “Subscribe” on the right hand side.


Events that are open to the community may be included on the calendar. Submit events to Dallas College Marketing.

Because of the volume of events an​d logistical limitations, Dallas College reserves the right to exclude certain types of events from the calendar. Event information may be edited for content, length and/or style.

Dallas College reserves the right to make changes to the calendar. While the college endeavors to ensure the accuracy and reliability of its calendar data, users of this calendar hereby acknowledge that Dallas College cannot be held responsible for incorrect or incomplete calendar information, regardless of origin, or for any negative consequences arising from any reliance on such incorrect or incomplete information.