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As a student, assignments and tests aren't the only things you have to worry about. So we're here to help with everything else, too.

An Entire Team in Your Corner

Our caring Basic Needs and Community Connections department fosters a culture of holistic well-being by helping to eliminate any life barriers that may jeopardize your academic and personal success – barriers like food, housing and utilities, child care, clothing, medical insurance and/or other school needs such as books and supplies.

The team will support you by streamlining communication with each of our campuses and connecting you to community resources and services.

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To get the support you need, complete the Student Care Form. A Student Care Coordinator will reach out to discuss how we can help.

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Food Insecurity Resources

Hungry or concerned about being able to put food on the table? Free food is available for you.

Basic Needs and Community Connections offers food support through supplemental assistance including the Dallas College Food Pantry program at each campus and other resources. Our goal is to guarantee that every student is food secure, meaning students have access to nutritious options without limitations.

Our staff is trained to help students apply for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) and TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) benefits and can connect you to assistance for family advocacy concerns.

List of Key Food Insecurity Resources

Housing Insecurity Resources

Are you experiencing any difficulty or challenges paying rent or utilities? Find yourself needing to move frequently? Living in a place where your personal safety or health is compromised?

We are here to help.

Basic Needs and Community Connections offers housing support by assisting students to secure and maintain suitable housing or shelter in the Dallas area.

We assist students who are experiencing housing insecurity and homelessness on a case-by-case basis.

Financial Insecurity Resources

Job loss, health emergencies, car trouble … these dips in earning and spikes in spending can quickly send someone into financial distress.

Get support understanding what financial resources are available to you and how to access them.

Basic Needs and Community Connections offers economic support for students experiencing the financial insecurity of having a stable and predictable income to support a standard living. 

Key financial insecurity resources include:

More Resources

Child Care and Transportation

Basic Needs and Community Connections offers child care resources, including voucher programs for child care in the community and onsite at certain Dallas College locations. We also identify and offer transportation resources.


Finally, we realize attending classes online and performing coursework remotely requires access to technology that not all students may possess.

If you need technology resources to successfully participate in your classes, such as a laptop, you may be eligible to check out a device from one the college's libraries thanks to the Dallas College device loan program (student login required).

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To access any of the resources mentioned on this webpage, begin by completing the Student Care Form. A Student Care Coordinator will reach out to discuss how we can help.

To explore helpful social service agencies and nonprofit organizations in your neighborhood, search your ZIP Code in the My Community Services database.

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