The User Experience

Once you've logged into your Remote Desktop Environment, the experience will be the same regardless of whether you're using a browser, Android, or iOS mobile device, or in the lab on Campus. The Remote Desktops Environment contains workspaces. Each workspace includes remote applications and remote Windows desktops that are designed to meet the requirements of a specific group of students. The general workspace is designed to all students with basic remote applications and a general remote full Windows desktop. The remote apps in each workspace can be launched individually for quick access. To launch a remote Windows desktop experience, click the desktop icon found in each workspace group. Click Allow in the Access Local Resources window.

Click Allow in the Access Local Resources window. Enter your password and click Submit. [No Sound] Launching a workspace desktop opens a full Windows 10 desktop experience that contains additional applications not listed in the workspaces. The Windows 10 desktop automatically connects to your student OneDrive account so you can save your work and access it again the next time you login to your remote desktop. You can also access your work directly from the OneDrive application using a laptop, desktop computer, or mobile device. With a full remote Windows desktop experience, you can quickly and easily use a variety of remote applications. Sync your OneDrive account, and print your work while you are in the lab. When you finish working in your remote desktop, make sure you log out by closing your remote desktop environment so no one else can access your workspace and saved files.

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