Get Started in College

If you want to use your military educational benefits, follow the steps below to begin your journey.

The order of steps may be slightly different at each campus. Check with the Military-Connected Services Office for specific directions.

  1. Apply for admission.
  2. Request official academic transcripts from all colleges and universities you have attended and ask that they be sent to the Admissions⁄Registrar's Office. Official military transcripts and DD214s are required for all military students (active duty and veterans). Find out where you can request your military records and learn what transcripts you’ll need to submit.
  3. Complete orientation (if required).
  4. Take an assessment test.
  5. See your Success Coach (Advisor). Discuss which degree plan would best fit your educational goals. To receive military educational benefits, you must follow your official degree plan that is on file with us.
  6. Register for classes.
  7. Bring a copy of your tuition account summary (eConnect - login required) to the Veterans Services Office. Please be aware that as a veteran or dependent, you must pay tuition in full or set up a payment plan before your VA benefits can be processed.
  8. Apply for your military educational benefits if you haven't done so already. The process for requesting certification from Dallas College depends on your individual situation. Once you have been certified to receive benefits, you will need to verify your enrollment in school each month at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' W.A.V.E. (Web Automated Verification of Enrollment) website. Download the application that applies to your circumstances.

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Other Important Information

Making Course Changes:

Before making any changes, such as adding classes, dropping classes, changing your academic major or making a course substitution, visit the Veterans Services Office to find out how these changes could affect your VA education benefits. Also, be sure to let the Veterans Services Office know if your contact information changes.

Developmental Classes:

Developmental classes are designed to help you gain the skills you need to succeed in college-level classes. If you enroll in a developmental reading, writing and/or math course, you will only receive GI benefits for these courses if you did not pass the college assessment test (e.g., TASP, ACCUPLACER, MAPS, Compass, ASSET). If you have passed it and you are still required to take a developmental course, we need a signed letter from the dean of that department in order for you to receive benefits for the developmental class(es).

Flex Term and Fast Track Classes:

Flex Term classes have schedules that are different from regular, semester-length classes, while Fast Track classes let you complete the requirements for some degrees in a one-year time frame. You can receive payments for enrolling in Flex Term and Fast Track classes. However, you are only paid for the period of time you are attending these classes. Your benefits could be altered when you start or stop attending a Flex Term or Fast Track class.

Repeating Courses:

If you have received a grade of F, N, I, W or WX and repeat the course, you may or may not receive benefits for that course. At Dallas College, a grade of D counts as passing unless otherwise indicated on your official degree plan.

Continuing Benefits:

It is your responsibility to request that the Veterans Services Office certify your enrollment to the Department of Veterans Affairs each semester that you are enrolled. The Department of Veterans Affairs must receive a certification of your enrollment from the Veterans Services Office before any benefits will be paid. In most cases, a copy of your tuition account summary (eConnect - login required) and Certification Request Form will provide the Veterans Services Office with the information necessary to prepare an enrollment certification.


Are you interested in working part time in the Veterans Services Office on campus? Please contact the Program Lead at your home campus Veterans Services office for a VA Work-Study application.