Logging into Virtual Desktop Remotely

Logging into the Microsoft Remote Desktop using a browser.

Acceptable browsers.

You can access your Remote Desktop using the following up-to-date browsers:

Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari.

Logging into the Remote Desktop.

Launch your browser of choice.

Enter https://aka.ms/wvdarmweb into the URL box and press enter.

On the Microsoft Sign in page, enter your E7 student e-mail, then press Next.

When the Dallas College Sign-in dialog appears, re-enter your E7 student email and your password.

Click on the Sign In button.

Note, if you are not physically on a campus and connected to the campus Wi-Fi, then you will need to go through multi-factor authentication.

You will be prompted to verify your identity using one of three methods:

One, the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone, which is the preferred method. Two, by receiving a six-digit code via text message, or Three, by receiving a phone call.

You'll see a message that your Workspace is being set up and it will appear shortly after.

Please be patient if this is your first time entering the Remote Desktop environment.

The Remote Desktop environment will load more quickly for subsequent logins.

You now have access to your Remote Desktop and applications right from your browser.

How to Connect

Multi-Factor Authentication will be needed when connecting to your virtual desktop off campus.

Connect on Your Computer with the Remote Desktop Application

You can access your virtual desktop resources, by downloading the remote desktop application or through your web browser.

The software is available for MacOS, Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, and Windows 7. Windows 8 or 8.1 is not supported.

  1. Download and install the application:
  2. Once the software is installed on your computer
    • Add the following URL in the Add Workspace screen: https://rdweb.wvd.microsoft.com/api/arm/feeddiscovery
    • Login with your Dallas College Username info in the email and password fields.
      Example: e9876543@student.dcccd.edu.
    • Complete the login process using your Dallas College student ID and password, and then you can select your applications from the Workspaces menu.

Not sure what version of Windows you’re running?

Microsoft offers a quick tutorial.

Learn About the User Experience