Working Wonders

Are you taking classes with the goal of completing a Career and Technical Education (CTE) Associate of Applied Science degree or Certificate Program?

Learn more about our Career and Technical Education (CTE) degrees and Certificate Programs.

The Working Wonders program can help you meet the challenges of entering or reentering the workforce.

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Program Services

*Working Wonders Program will directly pay 100% of your child care costs to your Dallas College approved Child Care Agency or Child Licensed Center.

"Working Wonders has helped me immensely with day care costs. The program allowed me to go to school and get the tutoring I need, and even got me connected with other Dallas College students and faculty. There's no way I could have gone back to school without that help.”
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Program Requirements

Working Wonders supports Career and Technical Education (CTE) students. To be eligible for Working Wonders, you must:

  1. be in a technical/occupational program/A.A.S. degree or certificate and
  2. fall in one of these categories:
    • individual with disabilities
    • person from an economically disadvantaged family, including low-income youth and adults
    • individual preparing for a nontraditional field (25% or less of one gender is employed in that occupation)
    • single parent, including single pregnant women
    • unemployed person
    • English learner
    • homeless person
    • a youth who is in, or has aged out of, the foster care system
    • a youth with a parent who
      • is a member of the armed forces (as defined in section 101(a)(4) of title 10, United States Code); and
      • is on active duty (as defined in section 101(d)(1) of such title)

In addition, Working Wonders participants must:

How to Apply

Fill out the Student Care Form for more information on the Working Wonder’s childcare subsidy assistance program.


Contact Us

For questions about child care assistance, please call 972-669-6400 and ask for the Basic Needs and Community Connections, or email